Manufacturer / Vendor Services

Linkdep exists to link consumer goods manufacturers to Montreal's independent c-stores. Our data analytics software and marketing expertise enable us to discover insights designed to improve your market coverage and sales. 

Merchandising Management

Meet your new team of brand ambassadors

Our team regularly visits every c-store in our network to make sure your products are merchandised according to your specifications. We'll set up promotions and displays among other marketing elements, and we'll monitor their performance. Our team will help perfect your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness and save you the worry.

Market Research

Unparalleled, precise market knowledge

By pooling data throughout our network, we are able to identify trends in real-time, with exceptional precision. Gain the upper hand on your competition by incorporating our insights into your marketing strategy, from market analytics to promotion optimization. 

Computer with Graph

Data Analytics

Perfect your marketing campaigns

Our proprietary software is implemented throughout our network and analyzes sales data in real-time. You will better manage the performance of your products across our network by tracking the effects of your marketing decisions.  Your counselor will give you regular feedback to ensure you're hitting all your objectives.