Let's LINK UP!

Linkdep is dedicated to helping you grow your relationships and sales with Montreal’s independent c-stores. We provide complete store coverage through frequent Linkdep employee visits and data analysis services, delivering premium shelf-space and eliminating outsourcing.

Contact us to find out more about how we can work together and improve your business.

Linkdep Services

Our services are tailored to consumer goods manufacturers and distributors selling their products in independent Montreal c-stores.

For Manufacturers / Vendors

With the expertise and tools we've developed, we can help you grow your sales through depanneurs. Our network of partners collaborates with our trusted staff to boost revenue. Our software will give you unique insights used to improve your presence in these stores.

For C-Stores

Our team is dedicated to helping your c-store grow, as you represent an integral part of the Montreal lifestyle. We promise to develop your business by leveraging our marketing expertise and access to a vast network of suppliers.


Tel. 438-404-7543

5200 Decelles Ave., Bureau 5.200

Montreal, Quebec


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